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After more than 28 years in business, Pong Pong permanently closed its doors in February 2017.
To all our loyal customers, thank you so much!

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Customer Reviews

"The best delivery/carry-out Chinese restaurant I've found."
submitted by yolli71

"If you're looking for good, basic, inexpensive chinese take-out then this is the place to go. The service is quick and there are several vegetarian choices."
submitted by ansnow

"When entering the restaurant, I quickly thought, "uh-oh, this may not have been a good idea." The reason for the trepidation was that the inside of the place was a dive. You order at the front, and even though we ate there, they handed us our food in to-go containers at the counter. As long as you aren't coming here for a nice dine-in experience, you will be very pleased. The food was excellent, and price was very cheap. There are not many vegetarian options, but there were a multitude of shrimp, chicken, and beef options, and we were very satisfied with the food quality and taste."
submitted by jshull

"Have been eating here for 7 years and never had a bad experience. And they are fast."
submitted by shannon

"Always fresh-cooked (hot, and I don't mean spicy...though it's that too if you want it)! Friendly people, great for delivery, great for a night at home watching movies! It's a family favorite!"
submitted by sssarahsue


"This is my favorite Chinese restaurant here in arizona. I would rather order from here and take home than go to a nice restaurant with lots of ambiance but no taste. This is as close to China town San Francisco that I have found in 20 years. I think I have been a loyal customer for almost 11 years now. Make sure you try their pot stickers. They make those by hand the way they are supposed to be done. Not frozen like those nice Chinese restaurants with all the ambiance."
submitted by bschild

"This is the best Chinese food in the Valley. My friends and I eat at Pong Pong every week. Delivery time is usually 30-45 minutes. Like all restaurants, delivery is slower when it's busy. The food is always fresh and the best quality. I know friends who drive miles out of their way for the Chinese food because they are out of the delivery area! Most dishes are white meat and they are very flexible with substitutions. Highly recommended!"
submitted by jaden26

"They were very quick in making our food and setting it up so we could take it home. Friendly service, quick and simple chinese food-even late at night."
submitted by justafoodlover

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